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If there is just one force acting on an object, does its work necessarily result in an increase in kinetic energy? Explain. (Select all that apply.)

1.Yes, when a force does work on an object it always results in an increase in kinetic energy.
2.The work done by the force on the object might result in an increase in kinetic energy.
3.No, if the force is at right angles to a body moving in a circular path, this centripetal force does no work and cannot change the kinetic energy.
4.No, if there is a force component along the line of motion, the force could act opposite to the motion and cause a decrease in kinetic energy.

  • physics -

    3 and 4 are true. 1. is false

    2.says "might result in an increase" which is a true statement, but they asked if it necessarly causes an increase, which it does not.

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