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College Physics

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How do I solve this problem:

A particular wire has a current of 10A.
A) How many electrons pass a fixed point every 5 seconds?
B)If a wire has a radius of 2 x 10^(-3) m and the electron drift speed is 2.63 x 10^(-5) m/s, determine the number density of electrons in the wire.

The teacher posts the answers for us, so the answer for
A) 3.125 x 10^(20) e^(-)
B) 1.89 x 10^(29) e^(-)/ m^3

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    It looks like you are switching names. Why?

    A) Current (in Amperes) is charge passing by per second.

    B) Current = (free electron number density)x (drift speed) x (cross sectional area)

    Solve for the FREE electron density. (Electrons that remain attached to the nuclei of the conductor atoms are not included).

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    Thanks for the help! And BTW, I am not switching my name.

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