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I need help writing a two page paper answering these questions about the topic Autonomy: Respecting the Autonomy of Old People Living in Nursing Homes. Please help.

Discuss the major codes of ethics of the stakeholders involved in the issue and how these codes will affect the decision-making process and ultimate outcome.

Examine and discuss the impact the issue and ultimate decision will have on the stakeholders involved.

Examine and discuss the empact the issue and ultimate decision will have on the healthcare indsutry.

Discuss any potential policy implications for the issue and ultimate decision.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    I guess I need a starting point or some points to write about I'm not really sure how to go about this assignment. Thanks Niki

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    First, brainstorm the answers to these questions.

    Make sure you understand the meaning of "autonomy."

    Who are the "stakeholders?" The patient? his/her family? medical personnel?

    What does your book say about their codes of ethics? I suspect they basically talk about the happiness, freedom, medical care, and dignity of the patient.

    This should get you started.

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    do you think that the agency ethics statement was patterned after the national association code of ethics

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