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Make sure you understand the topic(s) is a step in the research process.

(A) This step needs to be done as soon as your research is completed.
(B) This step is the last step in the research process.
(C) Always ensure you grasp the topic before you go to another step.
(D) This step is confusing and should be eliminated.

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    i chose (A) but im not sure if its right?!?! kinda confusing!!!

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    acutally i change my mind i choose (c).i hope that's right! plz let me know!

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    What does the question mean by "understand the topic(s)?"

    As your question reads, it doesn't make any sense to me.

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    First, you find your topic and then you do your research. I think its C.

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    Thanks Priscilla, u are right :D. thnx.

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