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Thank you very, very much for your help.
Which of the following questions are you more likely to use?
1) How long did it take you to eat your Christmas lunch? OR How much time (How long) did you spend eating your Christmas lunch?
2)How much did it cost to eat at the restaurant? OR How much did you spend on your Christmas lunch at the restaurant?
3) What did your Christmas lunch consist of? How was it?OR What did you have for Christmas lunch???
4) I usually go for a ride on my scooter after school.
5) My friend takes (or rides?) me back home on his scooter
6) How long does your school break last?

Thank you

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    #1 -- first one
    #2 -- first one
    #3 -- second one
    #4 -- fine as is
    #5 -- takes
    #6 -- fine as is

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