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How do I describe why I think that a specific for of organization is best for a topic sentence?

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    I think you've left some words out.

    Please clarify, and we'll try to help you.

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    I chose the topic "Although Islam is a religion which teaches peace, terrorist attacks are increasingly carried out by people claiming to be Muslim."
    This type of statement needs supporting paragraphs that include facts, examples, and discriptions. Now I have to tell why I feel this is the best form of organization. I cant explain it... any suggestions on how to explain?

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    I suggest you use the Five Pillars of Islam as the organization of your paper. Show how each of these contribute to Islam as a peaceful and generous religion.

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    Thank you. That may help me out!

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    I have another question Ms. Sue. How do you recommend remembering the different types of fallacies?

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