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Can you check the following sentences please I'm not sure of?

1) On Ney Year's Eve I took part in a torch-light procession on the skis (can you say that?)
2) I played barbilliards and snooker with my friends
3)I played on (?) my pinball machine and skittles
4) I decorated the Christmas tree with balls, little stars and ??? (can you help me find the missing decorations)
5)For starter she prepared fried artichokes and courgettes,then mixed salat, for first course pasta with a vegetable sauce and for second course roast rabbit with peppers and mushrooms.
6) I received a golf club as a Christmas present from my parents
6) What did your parents give you
for Christmas?
7) For Christmas my parents gave me a golf club

Thank you very much!!

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    1. on the skis = usually "on skis"

    4. ice cicles, popcorn, ribbons, an angel

    5. For starters...salad

    Sra (aka Mme)

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