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can someone let me know if this is the correct answer for this problem..

(3+8)+2=(8+3)+2- would this problem be consired Associatve?

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    Thank you....

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    oh sorry... i posted twice... Your welcome... do you understand why it is associative?

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    no ma am can you explain to me please.

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    this is what I googles to find that answer...
    *When three or more numbers are added, the sum is the same

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    Your numbers are(3+8)+2 =(8+3)+2

    then you have
    In associative property you will use the same numbers to make different problems. They will always have the same answer. Does that help at all?

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    sorrry it posted twice again...

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    yes ma am... Thank you for breaking that down for me. So in this situation on this problem 5x26x4-Look for compatible numbers to find the exact answer mentally... how would i work that out to find the answer?

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    well... do you have to show the compatible numbers?

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    I don't know this is all it says....

    *Look for compatible numbers to find the exact answer mentally for
    each expression

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    well... i don't really understand that... you could just multiply all the numbers and get the answer...

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    ok that's what i thought about doing as well..

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    The answer is 520 by the way....

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    Any more questions?

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    no thank you.. Thanks again...

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    No problem!

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    well I would do in my head 20*26 = 260*2 = 520

    or 20*25 + 20*1 = 500+20 = 520

    or 10*26*2 = 10*52 = 520

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