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Math Grade 4

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It is noon at the sandwich shop, and Kathy and Jill are making sandwiches for the lunchtime rush. Today's specials are egg salad or ham and cheese. During the first 15 minutes, Kathy makes 5 egg salad sandwiches and Jill makes 7 ham and cheese sandwiches. During the second 15 minutes Kathy makes 9 egg salad and Jill makes 10 ham and cheese. During the third 15-minute period Kathy makes 14 egg salad and Jill makes 14 ham and cheese . In the fourth 15-minute period Kathy makes 20 egg salad, and Jill makes 19. If Kathy and Jill make sandwiches for an hour and a half at this rate, how many sandwiches will each one make during the last 15-minute period?

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    Can someone help me please for this question? Thanks in advance.

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