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I need help with these three questions, thanks

1)The man lifts a box that weght 185N. The box is lifted 0.80m. How much work does the man do on the box?

2) 0.180kg ball falls 2.5m How much work does the force of gravity do on the ball?
a)44J b) .45J c) 1.76J
d)4.4J e) None of these

3) Which of the following gives the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree.
a) 67.43 b)67 c) 6.743x10^1
d) 67.4 e) None of these

  • Physics -

    1. Work is the dot product of force and distance. What force is neede to lift the box?

    2. The force of gravity here is F= (mass of the ball) times (acceleration of gravity). The work is that force through 2.5 meters.

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