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Ap Physics

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On a clear day at the equator with the sun directly overhead, how long would it take to warm 10 kg of water 15 Co if the emissivity of the 1.0 m 2 surface is 1?

can someone help me work this out?

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    The solar flux from straight above on a clear day is about 1100 W/m^2. Your 1 sq meter area will receive 1100 W.

    To raise the temperature 15 degrees C, the irradiating time T must satisfy

    M*C*(delta T) = 1100 W * T

    C = 4128 J/(kg*deg C)
    delta T = 15 C
    M = 10 kg

    T = 563 s = about 9.4 hours

    Solve for T

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