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algebra I

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for my homework I have to graph 4 equations:

1. y=1/4x^2+3x-3
2. y=-x^2+7x-2
3. y<x^2+7x+6
4. y<*-1/3x^2+4x+5/2
[<* means greater than OR equal to. I just don't know how to put the line under it]

we are allowed to do them on a calculator. but since I don't have the type of calculator that we need at home, I used an online calculator. graphing #1 and 2 was easy, but I can't find a calculator where you can put in y< or y>. if you know any web sites please share. thank you.
[and please don't tell me that I'm lying.. we're just learning how to do it on a calculator so I don't have to do it on my own]

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