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Hi Mrs.Sue I think that I need to compare and contrast on how healthful diets and regular exercise will improve health and lower healthcare costs. As well as give definitions of an healthful diet and regular exercise I also believe that cause and effect would also play a role. I also would give examples of how people lost weight by eating healthful diets and rgular exercise as well as give statistics on obesity . Do you think this is correct or do I need to add more.

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    It is unclear as to what are you comparing and contrasting — exercise vs. dieting?

    "Healthful diets" and "regular exercise" are very vague terms. They have to be more explicitly defined. What kind of exercise or diet? There are many variations of both available. Some are definitely not healthy.

    The specific recommendations will vary, depending on the characteristics of the clients. Especially with exercise, the recommendations for young adults will vary significantly from those for the elderly.

    Rather than talking about "dieting," you might want to discuss it in terms of lifestyle change. With a diet, it is for a specified time. When people go off the diet, they tend to gain the weight back... plus. This "yo-yo" result is likely to be worse than not starting the diet in the first place. In contrast, a lifestyle change is intended for a lifetime.

    Although I am not Mrs.Sue, I hope this helps.

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