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Would you have rather preferred to stay in France and live in a feudal-style farm or move to Canada and live as a habitant. Make a list of pros and cons for each option. Consider criteria such as familiarity of surroundings, physical labour, and taxes.

I would have preferred to move to Canada and live as a habitant. I wouldn't want to stay in france for the rest of my life paying taxes and fees. I wouldn't have even been able to make a modest amount of money living there. By moving to Canada I could cultivate my land in exchange for providing fees and services to the seigneur. I could also have the oppurtunity to work in fur trade. In Canada I would still have to pay my taxes and dues to the seigneur but not as much as I would have to In France. I could build a house in Canada and farm the land. Life would be a lot easier for me in Canada.

Please add any more information, thanks

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    Good job, Sara!

  • Socials-Ms. Sue -

    Ms. Sue where would you have rather prefered to live, in France or Canada?

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    I'd have preferred to live in Canada. However, if I had family and friends in France, it would be very difficult to leave them.

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    Why don't you ask your parents or grandparents why any of your ancestors moved to Canada from a foreign country.

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