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physics(universal law of gravitation)

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a satellite has a mass of 100 kg and is located at 2 x 10^6 m above the surface if the Earth. wHAT is the potential energy associated with the satellite at this location? What is the magnitude of the gravitational force on the satellite?

  • physics(universal law of gravitation) -

    The earth's radius is about Re = 6.4*10^6 m. At 2*10^6 m above the surface, you are R = 8.4*10^6 m from the center of the Earth. The acceleration of gravity is reduced by a ratio
    (6.4/8.4)^2 = 0.58
    and g is reduced to g'= 5.7 m/s^2

    The potential energy (relative to the ground), is M G[1/Re - 1/R]. G is the universal constant here.

    This P.E. will be somewhat less than
    M * g *altitude, because g is not constant with altitude

    The gravity force is M g'

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