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The hydrogen emission spectrum has four series (or sets) of lines named Balmer, Brackett, Paschen, and Lyman. Indicate the energy (infrared, ultraviolet, or visible), the nf value for each series, and all possible ni values up to 7. ( Separate the values with commas from lowest to highest. The display will look odd with preceding commas, but that is normal.

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    See above.

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    Balmer visible 2
    Brackett infrared 4
    Paschen infrared 3
    Lyman ultraviolet 1

    I couldn't figure out or find ni

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    figured it out. the ni values are the values greater than nf... so for example, nf for balmer is 2 then the answer for ni is 3,4,5,6,7 (since you only have to go up to 7).

    thank me later.

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