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what is the name of the ion Ti2(CrO4)3

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    The ions are titanium(III) and chromate. What you have, however, is not two ions; rather, a compound, titanium(III) chromate

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    Are you sure it is an ion? What is the ionic charge?

    There are various forms of titanium chromate.

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    As Bob notes above it is necessary to indicate the oxidation state of the titanium as it can have +2, +3 and +4 oxidation state.
    If the above is a neutral compound it would be titanium (III) chromate.

    If, as you indcate, it is an ion then you are missing a charge on the ion. So possibilities might be:


    which could be
    bis(tetraoxochromato(VI))titanium (II)


    bis(tetraoxochromato(VI))titanium (IV)

    I am not sure of the stability of the various chromates, but I guess this is an academic naming exercise.

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