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Would someone please tell me the alphabet in German and how to pronounce it?

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    The German alphabet is 26 letters, like in English. (Of course there are still the Umlaute and the "scharfe S", but you don't use these when saying the alphabet.)
    As to the pronunciation, I know how to pronounce it, but don't know quite how to "write" the pronunciation. Perhaps you can find an online German audio dictionary.

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    Well, I'll give it a try:
    a, be, ce, de, e ,ef, ge, ha, i ,je, ka, el, em, en, o, pe, ku (used to be qwe), er, es, te, u, v(fau), we, ix, ypsilon, zet

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    The vowels are pronounced:
    a - similar to the "u" in "but"
    e - similar to the "e" in "help"
    i - similar to the "i" in "is"
    o - like the "o" on "hotel"
    u - similar to the "o" in "two"
    ü - like the French "u" (tu)
    ö - like the French "eu"
    ä - almost like the French "é"
    eu and äu are pronounced just about the same but I can't find a good example of how to show the pronunciation.

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    There is still "ei" which is pronounced similar to the "i" in "like",and there is "ie" which is
    simply a longer "i".
    Also, vowels that are followed by two consonants are pronounced shorter;
    the "a" in "das Fass" (the barrel) is a shorter "a" than the one in "der Hase" (the rabbit).
    Also, when an "s" is followed by a consonant it becomes a "sh", like, e.g. "Straße"(street)- pronounced "Shtrasse".
    h - can be silent as well as pronounced; for example in "der Hund" (the dog)the "h" is pronounced, but in
    "Strahlen" (rays) it is not; it simply makes the "a" long.

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    One more pronunciation:
    au - similar to the "ow" in "town".

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