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Im trying to write a first person journal entry but I cant figure out what to write it about?can you help me?

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    What are your instructions for this journal entry?

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    Objective of Exercise: Select any of the subordinate groups from Ch. 1 of the text, provided below. Because the chapter does not list all subordinate groups, you may select any other group that has a documented history in the United States.
    Identify and describe which, if any, of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced:
    o Creation: migration, annexation, or colonization
    o Consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, or assimilation
    Write a fictional, first-person account of the creation and consequence situations of a subordinate group in the United States in the form of a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry.
    Describe, as if you were a member of that subordinate group, where the group originated, how it came to the United States, and one or two locations in the United States where members of your group live. Be creative in your fictional descriptions, but accurate with your facts.

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    thats the actual instructions from assignment i just don't know were to start writing i never even had a diary im just needing some help through this

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    First, you need to choose a subordinate group. I don't have your text -- but could these be African-Americans? Asian-Americans? Latinos? Native American? etc,

    Second, imagine that you're a member of the subordinate group you've chosen.

    Third, follow the instructions about writing a fictional account.

    Here's the start of an example:

    I'm an African-American. My ancestors were captured in Africa and brought to the American South to work as slaves. There, some of them worked as house slaves -- cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the owners' children. Many more of them worked in the cotton fields.

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    thats it i only really remember things being about the slaves /slavery but im white and that wont be right will it?

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    You're supposed to imagine you're a member of a subordinate group.

    You may need to do research to find details about this group. Or perhaps your text materials have this information?????

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    ok its ficticious so i really don't have toBE!

  • ethics/cultural diversity -

    Yes. It's fictious. Your instructions state:

    Write a fictional, first-person account . . .

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