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1) If you listen to a normal conversation in English you will realise that large sections fall into (??) perfect iambs. An iamb is the most common stress pattern in English and consists of (is made up of??) an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one.
2)Do you know where I can check the pronunciation of the following rethorical figures as they are not included in my dictionary: hyperbole, lilotes,oxymorom,synecdoche
3) The synecdoche is a figure of speech in which the part is used to represent the whole (can you say "stands for the whole") and vice versa.
4)Charles Dickens was apprenticed to an attorney (is it correct?)
Can you check them please?

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    1. Remove everything in parentheses, and it's fine.

    2. If you look up each term at http://www.dictionary.com, you'll find the pronunciation spelled out AND you'll find a little speaker icon -- if you click on that speaker icon, there'll be a voice to pronounce it for you.

    3. Remove "The" at the beginning of the sentence, and remove everything in parentheses, and it's fine. Yes, you can interchange "used to represent" with "stands for." The expressions mean about the same thing.

    4. Yes, that's correct.

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