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how do you solve the ideal gas law when you are given the temperature in celcius instead of kelvin.

Heres an example question. Calculate the volume occupied by 3.25 moles of carbon dioxide at 25degrees celcius and 750mm Hg.

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    The use of the gas law requires you to use T in Kelvin. To convert celsius (note the correct spelling of celsius) to Kelvin,
    K = 273.15 + C.

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    so all i do is add 273.15 to the temperature in celsius( sorry about the typo. i no i spelled chemistry wrong too)and then multiply/divide everything?

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    Yes, but don't forget that if R is in liter-atm units, then pressure must be in atmospheres. You convert mm Hg pressure to atm by dividing by 760. For example, 750 mm Hg to atm =
    750 x (1 atm/760) = ??

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