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The exam included 8 A's, 7 B's, and 6 C's.

is that correct?

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    is that the exact word by word form of your question?

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    no, it's:
    On the biology exam the students grades included 8 As, 7 Bs, and 6 Cs however the teacher was not satisfied with they're performance.

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    it is incorrect.
    On the biology exam the students grades included 8 A's; 7 B's; and 6 C's; however the teacher was not satisfied with they're performance.

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    Oops -- It's THEIR performance, not they're performance.

    THEY'RE is a contraction of they are.

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    What is a suffixes and prefixes of- navigate , speak ,appear .tolarate.

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    Is peer editing a verb? That is how I see it. Academic papers looks like the subect, which is plural in the sentence. So, It seems like require would fit better. I have been grieving over this for hours. Can you please help me?

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