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What advantages might a socialist system have when responding to the needs of the poor in an emergency situation as it was after Hurricane Katrina?


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    Socialist systems use government funds to help people. Since profit is not a motive and the money comes from the people, the government can be quick to respond.


    As an advantage, socialist systems use what are now government funds to aid the people in emergency situations. In socialist systems profit is not a motive, they tax the people who make the most and share it with those who are in need. Therefore in a emergency situation such as Katrina the government has the funds to immediately come to the aid of the emergency stricken public. They don’t have to worry about the last minute fund raisers. Although it has many faults, the socialist have succeeded in what America’s capitalistic system has not and that is to protect its own. By all workers contributing to the large pot when emergencies arrive, they have the ability to respond quickly.

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