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7th grade MATH

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? reads,"7th place driver had a time that was 18.5 min slower thatn the driver ahead of him(2hr 43min 7sec), what was his time in hrs, min & sec.? What was the diff. btwn 1st and 7th? Calculate the winner's time in hrs. only(answer correct to 3 decimal places). Winners time: 2hrs. 37min. Several more questions like these?

  • 7th grade MATH -

    Each minute has 60 seconds.
    18.5 minutes = 18 minutes 30 seconds
    Add that to 2 hr 43 min 7 seconds for the driver ahead of him, since his time (7th) will be greater.

    Subtract 2 hr 37 min from the previous answer for difference between 1st and 7th.

    Winner's time = 2 hours and 37 min. There are 60 minutes in an hour. Get minutes as fraction of hour and convert to a decimal.

    See if these principles will help you with the other questions.

  • 7th grade MATH -

    75 seconds:2 minutes, as a fraction

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