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I am stuck on translating the below from Latin to Englis:

Impluvium in illo atrio erat novem pedes latum.

Multos dies ad montes iter fecimus.

Any help on those two would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check this site for help:

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    What did you come up with?

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    Not having any luck at all, I am about as lost as they come. At this juncture all I want to do is get through this course even with a D, so that I can get to my next subject.

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    Impluvium in illo atrio erat novem pedes latum.

    Impluvium = subject; "basin" (like the bottom of a fountain)

    in illo atrio = prepositional phrase; "in that atrium"

    erat = verb; "was"

    novem pedes = adjectival phrase, modifying impluvium; "nine feet"

    latum = adjective modifying impluvium; "wide"

    Now ... give the other sentence a try, and I'll let you know how you do.

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