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Jamie is forming a cylinder out of two circles and a rectangle. The area of each circle is 4 pi. The diameter of each circle is 4 cm. The height of the rectangle is 6 cm.

Which shows how Jamie could calculate the surface area of the cylinder?

a. 2(4pi)+ 6(4pi)
b. 2(4pi)+ 6(4)
c. 4pi x 4 x 6 pi
d. 4pi x 4 x 6
I chose b the first time. I chose d the second time and was told that I had the wrong answer both times. Will you please explain? Thanks

  • 5th GRADE MATH -

    Visualize a can, cut off the top and bottom,
    you now have a hollow cylinder.
    Suppose you take snippers and make a vertical cut and spread out the hollow form.
    Would you not get a rectangle whose height is the height of the original can and whose length is the circumference of the circle?

    looks like a) to me

  • 5th GRADE MATH -

    u r right b is the corrct ans.

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