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The yearly cost T, in thousands of dollars, of tuition and required fees at a private college can be approximated by T = (3/5)n + 5, where n is the number of years since 1985. That is, n = 0 corresponds to 1985, n = 5 corresponds to 1990 and so on.

Find the cost of tuition in 1985 and in 2000.

Which variable is related to the domain and which variable is related to the range? How is the range affected by the domain of this problem? Be specific.

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    The domain is n = 0 to the present (n=25). It could be longer than that, if the relationship continues beyond now.

    In 1985, n=0 and T = 5.0 thousand dollars.

    In 2000, n = 15 and the tuition
    T = 5 + (3/5)*15 = 14 thousand dollars

    The range is related to T. It increases with the domain, which is 0 to n(current year)

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