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Please help!!! Desperate for answer!!!?

Did the equation do not know the 2nd questions"s answers for the problems

a) 2O3(g) = 3 O2(g) + heat (O3 IS UNDERLINED)
[6.0x10-1] [0.21]

b) 2 CO2 (g) + heat = 2 CO(g) +O2(g) (CO IS UNDERLINED)
[0.103] [0.024] [1.18 x10-2]

c) NO2(g) + O2(g) + heat =NO (g) + O3(g) (NO IS UNDERLINED)
[0.072] [0.083] [6.73X10-2] [6.73 X10-2]

For all three equilibria in problem #1 predict(1) how Ke is affected by an increase in temperature,(2)predict how the equilibrium will shift when pressure is decreased,(3)predict how the equilibrium will shift when the concentration of the underlined substance is increased ,and (4)predict how the equilibrium will shift when the temperature is decreased

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    Here is some information that might help you....

    Effects of stress

    Temperature Increase
    exothermic.......shift to left
    endothermic......shift to right

    Temperature Decrease
    exothermic.......shift to right
    endothermic......shift to left

    Pressure change
    (only for unequal numbers of moles of gaseous products and reactants)
    Decrease........shift toward side having larger # of gaseous molecules

    Concentration Increase
    Prouduct........shift toward left
    Reactant........shift toward right

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