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Hello! I'm french, I have an english homework "studying an newspaper's article" Can you correct it please please beacause I'm sure that's very bad.So please help me.

During his first year, president Obama was much debated: 30 000 soldiers sent out Afghanistan,the Nobel Peace Prize and summit of environment at Copenhagen. Ithought that it was important to know if the leading measure of Obama campain could become a huge failure. That's why,I was interested by a NYTimes article dated 24/12/09 which tals about the health care's bill.
En effect, this morning was voted at Senate the health care's bill 60-39. When we know that seven presidents since Theodore Roosvelt tried unsuccessfully to reform the nation's health care system: it's historical.
In fact, it exists yet for the poorests Medicaid and for the eld-erly (without socials conditions) and disabled people Medicare. Obama president puts a lot into the Senate and House (voted last month) bills he declared being willing to help the 2 chambers work out their deifferences for exemple the new system mangement (or administrator) for the House it will be a public organization & for the Senate it will be cooperative organization as a big mutual society.

At Senate,nobody of republicans voted "aye" the bill.That republican opposition finds his (or its) argument in the new taxes and fees because of the cost 1 000 billions about over 10 years. For exemple the bill plans to increase by 5,4% wealth tax. Only the richiests,they're 10%,can pay (or pay themselves I don't know)a coverage in USA.When we knew that millions of people couldn't be afraid to ruin themselves or to be treated badly: it's just wonderful. On top of that, insurans companies who make exhorbitants prices could be stop with the competition. That's why I think it's just an opportunity for the "reconstruction" of republicans after the presidential election's failure. However they're suported by conservatives who think that the redistibution is opposited to the american ideal of "responsability":the money that we earn don't have to spend by others. It's disgraceful!Behind that value was hidden selfish. Last year , 62% of personals brankrupts were provoqued by the health care's cost. It's just a great injustice put upon the American people.That's thruth lobbyists who have stymied similar ambitious effots in past, exist. I think that year is different. I believe in Obama and his working ~for that~ the bill becomes law.

Thanks if you tried to read .

  • english -

    was much debated: = was debated a lot.

    soldiers sent out Afghanistan, = were sent out to Afghanistan

    and summit = and the summit

    if the leading measure of Obama campain could become = of the Obama campaigne, etc.

    interested by a NYTimes = interested in a N Y Times

    tals = tells

    En effect, = In effect

    was voted at Senate the health care's bill 60-39. = the health care bill was voted 60-39

    In fact, it exists yet for the poorests Medicaid and for the eld-erly (without socials conditions = Medicaid exists for the poorest and for the eldery (without Social Security)...disabled people on Medicare

    Obama president puts a lot = President Obama...puts a lot of bills...

    bills he declared = bills; he declared, etc.

    deifferences for exemple = differences for example...

    House it will be = House will be...

    as = like

    At Senate,nobody of republicans voted "aye" the bill. = In the Senate, none of the Republicans voted...

    its argument...cost 1 000 billions about over = cost of 1,000 billion over

    wealth tax.= of the wealth tax

    richiests,they're 1 = richest can pay

    couldn't be afraid to ruin themselves or to be treated badly: it's just wonderful. = sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean here.

    insurans companies who make exhorbitants prices could be stop = insurance companies who have exhorbitant prices could be stopped...

    republicans = Republicans

    suported = supported

    is opposited to the american = is opposite to the American...

    don't have to spend = doesn't have to be spent...

    was hidden selfish. = selfishness was hidden

    of personals brankrupts = of personal bankruptions...

    That's thruth lobbyists = It's true that lobbyists exist...

    effots in past= efforts in the past...

    think that year = that that this y ear?

    and his working for the bill to become law.

    Try to SIMPLIFY what you are saying and check spelling in a good dictionary.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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