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1) 2025 is it only two thousand and twenty-five or could you also say twenty twenty-five?
2) in 2000 (is in two thousand/in the year two thousand)
3) How many films did he appear in?
Or In how many films did he appear?
4) Which part did film director.. offer to him? (Or What part?
5) I worked in a gym for one year (or for a year?)
6) From 1989 to 2001 he worked in London. Is the question From when to when did he work ... OR How lond did he work?
7) It took me two hours to get there.
Is the question How long did it take you to... OR could you also say How long did you take to get there????

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    1. As a date, you can say twenty twenty-five, but as a regular number, it's two thousand twenty-five. You don't want the word "and" in there. That word usually indicates a decimal.

    2. "In the year two thousand" is clearer when you are indicating the calendar year.

    3. Your second sentence is correct.


    5. Either works fine; they mean the same thing.

    6. "How long..." is better, smoother.

    7. Either question is fine; the second is smoother.

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