5th grade

posted by dominique

8 1/4 - 4 5/6

  1. Ms. Sue

    8 1/4 - 4 5/6

    First find the common denominator and change the fractions to equivalent fractions.

    8 1/4 = 8 3/12
    4 5/6 = 4 10/12

    Then add:

    8 3/12 + 4 10/12 = 12 13/12 = 13 1/12

  2. E.G.

    I am probably terribly wrong, and if so, I am sorry, but should the answer not have been 3 7/12

    Should 4 10/12 not have been SUBTRACTED from 8 3/12?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Thank you, EG. I missed the minus sign.

    This time I get:

    8 3/12 - 4 10/12 = 7 15/12 - 4 10/12 = 3 5/12

  4. E.G.

    You are very welcome.

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