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Hello everyone!
I study English and my task is to find 3 activities( On anything, they don't have to be connected)which i can use in the classroom with my learners (5-8th graders).The point is that these activities have to be creative (f.e.they have to make some paper dolls, houses, workshops...etc.)Of course each activity has to have an aim.(f.e.teaching prepositions, some vocabulary words, verbs etc.)
Any ideas?

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    Check the sites here. Lots of good ideas.


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    Hi Sweru,

    You might try some of these ideas.

    Students could each make a puppet or paper doll. These dolls then could interact with other dolls in a dialogue about a story they've read. They could also act out a scene from the story.

    This isn't very creative, but my students always enjoyed bingo games. Each student is given a list of 40 or 50 words (prepositions, vocabulary, etc.) They then print any 24 of these words at random on a bingo card. The class plays bingo with one person drawing these words at random.

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    One way to teach prepositions is to tell the students that a preposition shows any place a mouse can go (on the table, under the bed, in the box, by the door, etc.) Students could illustrate these phrases with simple, cartoon-like drawings.

    Another favorite creative activity is making shoebox dioramas illustrating a story.


    This isn't especially creative but can be fun and educational.


    Good luck -- and I hope other tutors add to this post.

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