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The postulates of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom can be stated as follows:

I. The electron can exist only in discrete states each with a definite energy.
II. The electron can exist only in circular orbits.
III. The angular momentum of the electron is nh/2pi where n is any positive integer.

a. State whether each of these postulates is currently considered to be correct, according to the wave mechanical description of the hydrogen atom.

b.Give the wave mechanical description that has replaced one of the postulates now considered to be incorrect.


I read (or at least tried to read) through the wave mechanical description in my textbook, but the only thing I got out of it is that II is correct. My hunch is that III is incorrect, but I don't know for sure. Help please?

Thank you!

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    I and III remain correct in quantum throey. Orbits are not circular, however. Electrons really do not follow orbits at all.

    The orbits with the highest angular momenta are the least circle-like in their wave function symmetry. For a while, the Bohr model was modified to include elliptical orbits, but they are not realistic either.

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