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Hello! I need differents opinions...
Thursday December 24th senate passes health bill.
What will change concretely this reform?
When you know that the expenses incurred will increase the national debt by 287 billions. You aren't afraid of increasing the income tax? As far as I know all the population will not benefit from the reform (if president Obama manages to a common text). At the senate all republicans voted "against" is it the same opinion to the modest and poor families republicans?
what do you think of all this?
I thank U beforehead.

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    I think that any improvements in health care reform are a step forward for all of society.

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    I agree with GuruBlue.

    Also -- remember, both houses of Congress must agree on one bill. That agreement will probably be weeks in the future. They have to agree on the details of the bill -- so we do not yet know the total cost of any new health care iniative.

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