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I have to write an observational essay, and the topic is my backyard. I have a lot of sensory details down for it, but I'm not exactly sure how to make my essay 5 paragraphs long..I don't really have anything to describe about my backyard except for its appearance since I havn't had any adventures in it yet..please help by giving me some suggestions or something. Should I compare it to my neighbor's yard or something?


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    Describe what you see -- the shape and size of the yard. Describe the trees, bushes, flowers. Where are they placed? Is there a fence? Is there playground equipment? Lawn furniture? Birds? rabbits? Vegetable garden?

    Describe what you hear. Planes overhead? Neighbors? Birds? the wind?

    What do you smell? Garbage? Fragrant flowers?

    What can you touch? How does the grass feel? What about smooth and rough leaves? Pine needles?

    The purpose of this exercise is for you to observe, listen, and feel. Pay close attention to all of your senses.

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    If you're also looking for some kind of organizational pattern, here are some you can think about:

    from far to near as you sit or stand in one place

    from near to far ...

    from left to right ...

    from right to left ...

    from the highest to lowest ...

    from the lowest to highest ...

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    Alright, I get it
    because there is a lot to describe..there is a fence, a bird feeder, lawn equipment, sport equipment, a grill,a garden ect.

    Thanks guys

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