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I really really need help with this, PLEASE.

I need to list the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that establish and shape the mood of the poeom El Olvido by Judith Ortiz Cofer. Please, just give me some examples


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    Taking the first four lines:

    dangerous -- adj.
    forget -- v.
    climate -- n.
    birthplace -- n.
    choke -- v.
    voices -- n.
    dead -- adj.
    relatives -- n.

    It is a dangerous thing
    to forget the climate of
    your birthplace; to choke out
    the voices of the dead relatives when
    in dreams thet call you by
    your secret name; dangerous
    to spurn the clothes you were
    born to wear for the sake of fashion;
    to use weapons and sharp instruments you
    are not familiar with; dangerous
    to disdain the plaster saints before
    wich your mother kneels praying for you with
    embarassing fervor that you survive in
    the place you have chosen to live; a costly,
    bare and elegant room with no pictures
    on the walls: a forgetting place where
    she fears you might die of exposure.
    Jesús , María y José.
    El olvido is a dangerous thing.

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    It is dangerous (adjective repeated several times....obviously an important word)
    to spurn
    to use
    to disdain
    to live:

    These are all infinitives...
    repetitive to emphasize meaning.

    Check out this site

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    Have you read the poem and visited
    You should get some good ideas there, and find plenty of mood-shaping words.

    The words "choke", "forgetting" and "plaster saints" are among the mood-shaping words for me.

    Thank you for introducing me to this author. I enjoyed that poem very much.

    It made me recall the great lyrics of the songs "A Boy Like That" and "America" from "West Side Story"

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    Thanks to all of you. This really helped! Happy Holidays =)


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