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When oxygen uptake is low, a high proportion of the total amount of blood pumped goes to the intestines. When oxygen uptake is high, a small proportion of blood goes to the intestines. Explain the differences in terms of the needs of the body during rest and during exercise.

Is it because during exercise, the body is more occupied with breathing and improving the muscles, and so the intestines are not as "important"?

Also, why does blood volume supplied to the skin increase as oxygen uptake increases? I'm confused on how more blood flow to the skin would help during exercise (sweating?)

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    Our skin is the largest organ of our body. An increased blood flow to the skin allows the body to cool off more effectively. Our body temp is 98.6, warmer than the average air temp. Bringing a larger volume of blood closer to the surface of out body, along with sweating, helps keep the body from over heating. Digestion is not the body's main concern during increased activity, especially if it's "fight or flight". Therefore blood flow to the intestines decreases while respiration and pulse increase during activity, allowing better oxygenation of vital systems.

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