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| 2 3 5|
A=| 1 7 9|
|-3 2 10|



I need to solve this matrix equation
AX = B FOR X BY FINDING A^-1, given A and B as follows. I am new at this did I write A^1 right? This is suppose to be an A with a minus one at the top.

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  • Algebra -

    Given A and B, where A is a 3x3 matrix, and B is a vector of 3, and


    To solve for X, we would pre-multiply by the inverse of A to give
    A-1A X = A-1B
    Since A-1A is the identity matrix by definition of the inverse, we end up with
    X = A-1B

    To find X, it will be necessary to find the inverse of A, premultiply with B and the result (3x1 vector) will be X as required.

    The inverse of A can be found by Gauss elimination, or any other method that you have learned.

    The value of X is a multiple or sub-multiple of [17,4,7].

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