Introduction to Educational Theory

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How do you feel about this situation? I'm trying to collect opinions from teachers/adults.

The Scenario: A teacher assigns an essay. However, on the due date, the teacher says that the he will not accept essays because he has decided to extend the deadline. William has his essay done at that point, however, he brings it home as to not lose the essay until the teacher asks for it. One day the next week, the teacher says the essay is due with no warning. William has his essay at home. The teacher tells William he will receive no credit. The teacher accused William and a dozen other students in the same situation of taking advantage of his flexibility in front of the entire class. One of William's peers in the same predicament cried after leaving the class.

a). Is the teacher's ruling to give William no points unfair?
(I said yes, because students should not be expected to hand in an assignment without warning. William was doing his part; his essay was finished ahead of schedule. If anything, William should had only had a grade level deducted).

But how do you feel?? Thanks!

  • Introduction to Educational Theory -

    How do YOU FEEL?

    What do feelings have to do with this? Go and investigate the school or district's policies to see if there's a guideline teachers must follow regarding assignments, late assignments, missing assignments, etc., or if there are any standards the principal of the school has set. Something like this will not be resolved by means of feelings!!!

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