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A shopper pushes a cart 40 m south down one aisle and then turns 90.0° west and moves 18 m. He then makes another 90.0° turn and moves 17 m

What is the largest possible displacement of the shopper? couterclockwise west

What is the smallest possible displacement of the shopper? couterclockwise west

where do i even begin?

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    Take a piece of paper, draw some isles (north-south).
    Designate a starting point of the shopper.
    Follow the directions:
    40 m. down one aisle towards south.
    turn west and move 18 m. (about 3 aisles).
    Turn north OR south and move 17 m.
    Based on the initial position, and each of the final positions, calculate the displacement of the shopper.

    Displacement is defined as the difference between the final and initial positions, both in distance and in direction.

    Post if you could use more help, and say where the problem is.

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    OHhh that makes much more since. I thought you could only go 17m one way. Thanks I figured it out.

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    You're welcome!

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    Do you mind explaining this fully?

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