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I am stuck on a few problems I multipled by the LCM to clear fractions but I keep getting confused can you help me with this problem?




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    multiply each term by 4
    3(3+2x) + 8 > 68
    9 + 6x > 60
    6x > 51
    x > 51/6

    the second is really easy, add 12 to both sides, then divide by 8

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    That is what I did but I was told it was wrong...I got 3/8

  • algebra -

    8x < 12-9
    8x < 3
    x < 3/8

    Was there a restriction on x, e.g. did it say x is an element of the integers or something like that?

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    No...this is why I am confused, they say the answer is 0

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