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Hi my name is Ava and I'm in 6th grade. I want to go in the field of medical can you please tell me some pepration methods Ican use in this age? please=]

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    In junior high, the best thing you can do is practice getting good grades while becoming involved in extracurricular activities.

    In high school, good grades and extracurricular activities such as National Honor Society will make it more likely to get into the college of your choice, where you can study pre-med and then attend medical school. Also pay attention to your biology (and to a lesser extent chemistry) classes as those are in a sense the introductory classes for the field.

    It's good to be thinking about your career early, but keep your options open - you may find you want to study something else when you reach high school.

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    Thanks. What are online activities that I can do when I'm at home. Rather than going outside. And can you please give me some websites?

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    Thanks. What are online activities that I can do when I'm at home for medical. And can you please give me some websites?

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