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1. A 1000kg car moving at 10m/s brakes to a stop in 5s. The average braking force is...........N?
A. 1000
B. 2000
C. 4000
D. 5000

2. A 20kg mass is held 4m above the ground. What is the approximate potential evergy of the mass with respect to the ground?
A. 5J.
B. 50J
C 80J
D. 800J

3. A TV set is pushed a distance of 2m with a force of 20 N that is in the same direcion as the set moves. How mauch work is done on the set?
A. 10J
B. 20J
C. 40J
D. 80J

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    A. Impulse (Force x time) equals momentum change (velocity x mass)
    Solve for the force

    B. P.E. = M g H

    C. Work = force x distance

    You should know these formulas. You can do the calculations in your head.

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