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1. I will go to a concert this evening.

2. I shall go to a concert this evening.

3. I intend to go to a concert this evening.

(What does Sentence 1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)

4. I will give you the fountain pen.
5. You shall have the fountain pen.
6. He shall have the fountain pen.

(Are the three sentences the same?)

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    Essentially #1, 2, 3 all mean the sema thing. I will = future. I shall = not used as frequently and could imply more determination, I intend = present tense as it is your thought.

    #4, 5, 6 = "will" is future, "shall" is also used, just not requently. The difference between #5 and 6 would be the subject (you vs. he)


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