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Find the distance from pi.

7 pi/6. I subtracted 2 pi from this and got -5pi/6. But the correct answer is pi/6. Whwere did this come from?

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    If you are referring to reference angles, it is the acute angle that makes with the x-axis.

    Since it is either 0 or 2π for the positive x-axis, or π for the negative x-axis, 7pi/6 makes π/6 with the negative x-axis, therefore the answer would be &pi/6.

    If the question is not about reference angles, then you need to elaborate a little more.

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    Well in short pie means 180 degrees or 3.14 radians... subtracting 2 pie would be subtracting 360 giving you a co-terminal angle here's how i would've worked the problem
    5pie 180 = 150 degrees
    6 * pie
    that's 30 degrees away from pie or 180
    30 2pie = 1pie
    pie * 180 6
    in short 30 degrees equals 1pie over 6 and that's how far your angle is away from 180 or pie

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    the way it posted looks bad so I'm redoing the math with slash signs

    5pie/6 * 180/pie = 150

    30/pie * 2pie/180 = 1pie/6

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