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Thank you drwls,
My problem is
a. The lifetime of the levels in a hydrogen atom are of the order 10-E8s. What is the evergy uncertainty of these states? Compare this result with the energy value of the first excited state.
b. Find the shortest and the longgest wavelengths of the Lyman series of singly ionized helium.

c. In the Balmer exlperiment the wavelengths of the observed lines are 656m,48nm,434nm. Takiing the agular range of observation to be between 30 degree and 990 degree, how many orders could you see?

I solve and b I found the E uncertainty = 6.6.10-E8eV, it is greater than E of the first state. The ahortest and longest wavelength I solve is 22.8 and 30.4 but I am not sure if I right.
Question c is not required for lab report, it is the question outside the lectures I learned.

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    Hi bun,

    I made this a take home physics final which is supposed to judge your skill level in physics 214 not drwls's skill level.


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