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geometry again

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I have a pic of a right square pyramid with equilateral triangular faces with each side of the triangle measuring 6 in. i have a line "d" intersecting one of the triangles making 2 right angle triangles. Using the pythagoream theory- how do I find the distance d?

I know a2 +b2=C2, but isn't it already known? Isn't the length of d just 6? Please help. Thanks,

  • geometry again -

    If I understand you, the sides of the pyramid consist of equilateral triangle of sides 6 units.

    So a line d from the vertex bisecting the triangle would make the base 3 and the hypotenuse 6 in the new triangle.
    let the height be h
    h^2 + 3^2 = 6^2

    Can you finish it ?

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