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1. You can reach anyone all over the world.

2. You can get in touch with anyone all over the world.

(Are both the same? What is the meaing of 'reaach' in Sentence 1?)

3. Probably he will come.
4. Possibly he will come.
5. Maybe he will come.

(What is the difference among them? Do they have the same meaning?)

6. Do you have an appointment tonight?
7. Do you have a promise tonight?
(Are both the same?)

8. In my opinion, we should help poor people.

9. As for me, we should help poor people.

10. As far as I am concerned, we should help poor people.

(Are the three sentences the same in meaning?)

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    1 and 2 mean the same, yes. In #1, "reach" means to contact, most likely by telephone.

    3 would be OK if you move some words around: He will probably come.

    4 is OK, but not used often.

    5 is perfect!

    6 and 7 do not mean the same thing at all. 6 is correct; 7 is not used.

    8, 9, and 10 are all about the same, yes.

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