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PSYCHOLOGY am i correct

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The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each:
a. identify the stressor(s).
b. briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice.
c. briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and why you consider this approach a healthy choice.
d. identify two possible moderators of stress for this situation.

the first situation is: Every morning, as she prepares for her two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a headache.

ok heres my answers to that.

source(s) of stress is 2hr drive to work, getting ready, constand head aches. is that correct for the source(s) of stress?

heres my answer to the unhealthy reaction. is it headaches?

heres my answer to healthy reaction. is it listen to music, and take more time to get ready?

heres my answer to Two Possible Moderators of Stress. is it find ot what triggers her stress and find someone to car pool with?

  • PSYCHOLOGY am i correct -

    Yes, her stress is the two-hour drive and her unhealthy reaction is the headaches.

    I think a healthy choice would be to move closer to her work -- or take public transportation if possible. Car pooling is another option as would finding a job closer to home.

    Carpooling or listenging to music might be moderators of her stress.

  • PSYCHOLOGY am i correct -

    Ms. Sue's answers are excellent.

    I can remember when I had a two-hour drive each way to teach an evening course at a distant site. I found that the library had recorded books that I could listen to during my trip. Sometimes it got so interesting, on getting back, I sat in my carport for 10-15 minutes to listen to the end of the story.

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