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I don't know how to solve 12x(2)-15x=0 using the quadratic equation ax+bx+c=0 with this question I am unsure of what a, b and c are supposed to be, therefore I do not know how to solve this! Please help!

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    The standard quadratic equation form is
    ax^2 + bx + c = 0
    and your equation is, if your (2) is supposed to be an exponent,
    12x^2 -15x = 0
    Therefore a = 12, b = -15 and c = 0

    You have reduced your equaion to
    4x^2 -5x = 0,
    so using a=4, b=-5 and c=0 would give you the same results for x.

    You should get x = 0 and x = 5/4 as the solutions, using the quadratic equation

    x = [-b +/-sqrt(b^2 -4ac)]/(2a)

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